Matsue City, one of Japan’s prominent cities for international tourism and culture, is ranked in the top three cities following Kyoto and Kanazawa as cities rich in culture where you can enjoy high-quality green tea and Japanese-style confectionary. Another scenic icons of the city include Lake Shinji, the sunset over the lake is included in Japan’s list of one hundred best sunset, and Matsue Castle, a national treasure listed as one of the twelve existing castle keep in Japan. The scenery from the top of the castle is breathtaking, and it is no wonder that the city is called as a water town. Notsu Ryokan is located few minutes’ walk to Lake Shinji and Matsue Castle, and located alongside Ohashi River. Notsu Ryokan offers you warm hospitality throughout your stay, and promises you an exceptional comfort.

Specially selected ingredients. Masterful dishes prepared by our chefs with all their heart.


Culinary Director of Notsu Ryokan

Recently, seasonal patterns slightly differs from that it used to be due to climate changes. So I aim to choose the freshest ingredients produced in the town without being constrained by the fixed idea of seasonal best. Another continued effort as Culinary Director is to keep challenging together with my staff members to create something new with a slogan “Offering safe and secure foods comes before everything. Always keep this rule in mind, and values for customers are created when they share our philosophy.”

Safe, secured, and flesh ingredients produced in San’
in region Season of San’in is served in each dish

Meals of Notsu Ryokan represents sophisticated craftsmanship with unequal taste and visual appeal.
San’in region has an array of flesh and delicious ingredients.
Enjoy masterful dishes prepared with these locally-produced ingredients.

Rooms with quiet elegance and relaxed ambience

Notsu Ryokan has variety of rooms. One features panoramic view of Ohashi River that gracefully flows through the town, the other offers subtle comfort for a couple while it is facing the street, to mention a few. Much effort is put into the room design to make your stay comfortable and to allow you enjoy season’s view, the sunset over the lake, and shijimi clam fishing boats floating on the lake in the early morning.

Large Bath “Yu-hi, Sunset”, “Kawa-mo, Surface of a river”and “Open-air Bath”

Our bath is naturally sourced from Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen, and is plentiful of natural components such as sodium, calcium sulfate, and chloride with therapeutic effects for neuralgia, myalgia, arthralgia, chronic gastroenterological complaint, rheumatic complaint, chronic skin disease, chronic female complaint, menopausal disorder.

Welcome home!

Notsu Ryokan is located alongside Ohashi River, a national class A river that gracefully flows through Matsue City. Quiet while being located middle in the city, enabling easy access to key destinations in the city. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, Notsu Ryokan is an ideal base even for a single visitor to explore the city.


By Air

Arrive at Izumo airport

※30inutes ride of airport limousine bus to JR Matsue Station
Tokyo/Haneda(80 minutes)
Osaka/Itami(50 minutes)
Nagoya/Komaki(60 minutes)
Fukuoka (90 minutes)
Oki (30minutes)
Sapporo (120 minutes/available during summer)

Arrive at Yonago Airport

※45 minutes ride of airport limousine bus to JR Matsue Station
Korea/Seoul (80 minutes/3 flight per week)
China/Hong Kong (3 hours and 45 minutes)

By Bus

Tokyo (Yaesu)・(Shibuya)~Matsue[For Izumo]
【Night bus】(Susanoo)
Nagoya~Matsue[For Izumo]
【Night bus】(Dream Nagoya)
Osaka (Hankyu/Umeda)・Shin-Osaka~Matsue[For Izumo]
【Daytime】【Night bus】(Kunibiki)
Kyoto~Matsue[For Izumo]
【Daytime】【Night bus】(Izumo-Okuni)
Kobe (San-no-miya)~Matsue[For Izumo]
【Daytime】【Night bus】(Port Lake)
Okayama~Matsue[For Izumo]
【Daytime】(Momotaro Express)
【Daytime】(Grand Arrow)
【Daytime】(Flying Fish)
【Night bus】 (Izumo-ji)

By Car

From Tottori/Yonago
Tottori/Yonago -(San’in-do express)(Route 9)-Matsue
From Okayama (About 2 hours and 30 minutes)
Okayama-Chugoku Expressway –via Yonago Expressway)-(San’in Express way)(Route 9)-Matsue
From Hiroshima (About 2 hours and 50 minutes)
Hiroshima IC-(Hiroshima Expressway-Chugoku Expressway・about 45 minutes)-Miyoshi-HigashiJCT-(Matsue Expressway・about 75 minutes)-Matsue Chu-oh ramp
From Kansai region (about 4 hours)
Osaka -(Chugoku Expressway –via Yonago Expressway)-(San’in Expressway)(Route 9)-Matue
From Shikoku
(Seto Chu-oh Expressway)- (Chugoku Expressway –via Yonago Expressway)- (Chugoku Expressway –via Yonago Expressway)
From Kyushu
(Kyushu Expressway –Chugoku Expressway《Miyoshi IC》)-(Route 54)-(Mitoya-Kisuki IC《Matsue Expressway》)-(San’in Expressway)-Matsue
The number of available parking space is limited to 25.
Please note that the parking cannot be reserved.

Highway Bus

From Hiroshima
One coin Matsue


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